API: Lending Type Queries

About Lending Type Queries

The World Bank classified countries according to the type of lending they are eligible for through the World Bank. For a description of these categories and how they are set, please visit the country classification page.

Request Format


Response Format


<wb:lendingTypes page="1" pages="1" per_page="50" total="4" xmlns:wb="http://www.worldbank.org">
  <wb:lendingType id="IBD">IBRD</wb:lendingType>
  <wb:lendingType id="IDB">Blend</wb:lendingType>
  <wb:lendingType id="IDX">IDA</wb:lendingType>
  <wb:lendingType id="NC">Not classified</wb:lendingType>


  [{"page":"1","pages":"1","per_page":"50","total":"4"},[{"id":"IBD","value":"IBRD"},{"id":"IDB","value":"Blend"},{"id":"IDX","value":"IDA"},{"id":"NC","value":"Not classified"}]]


Lending type can be used to narrow country or indicator queries. For example, to see a list of IDA only countries, use the following call


To list all Lending Types


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