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How do I edit the list of Countries, Indicators and Years I have selected in DataBank?

Edit your selection in the right section of the screen which displays “ Your Current Selection”. To edit the list of countries  click on the Country tab, to edit the list of indicators click on the Series tab and to edit the list of years click on the Time tab.

A)     How do I delete an Indicator/Country or Year that I have chosen from my selection?

To delete anything from your selection list, click on the red “x” button to the left of an indicator/country name or year.

B)      How do I change the order in which my selected Indicators/Countries or Years appear in the table or chart?

To change the order of your selection you would either

1)      Select indicator/country name or year and drag it to where you would like to see it in your selection;  or

2)      Click the Sort button under either the series/country or year tab, this will sort the countries/indicators alphabetically and years chronologically.

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