1. Sort data catalog by development or operations  ·  responded

  2. Regional Data for all indicators  ·  responded

  3. Public debt servicing to domestic creditors of ASEAN member countries.  ·  responded

  4. Open Data Training Modules  ·  responded

  5. Enterprise data for South Africa  ·  responded

  6. Do you have historical data for the SDR deflator?  ·  responded

  7. Please provide your data through an SDMX web service  ·  responded

  8. EU and US comparison of data  ·  responded

  9. Do you have data on credit (domestic and non-domestic) extended to the private sector (excluding households and the financial sector)?  ·  under review

  10. Unclear status of data for 1950-60  ·  responded

  11. Housing (Supply, quality)  ·  responded

  12. Pacific Island country and territory household survey data  ·  responded

  13. money supply growth rate for Ghana  ·  responded

  14. Modal split of passenger and goods transport  ·  responded

  15. I cannot find BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) data in WDI anymore!  ·  responded

  16. JSONP returns text/plain instead of application/javascript MIME type  ·  completed

  17. I need data about Renewable energy consumption (% of total final energy consumption) for 2013, 2014 ff  ·  responded

  18. daily data of foreign portfolio investments in USA, JAPAN, HONGKONG AND UK  ·  responded

  19. i'm looking for data on poverty in from 1983 to 2014  ·  responded

  20. i'm looking for data on literacy rate in from 1983 to 2014 at BENIN  ·  responded

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