1. Which countries have reported data to Quarterly External Debt Statistics (SDDS)?

  2. Where can I find the data annex tables of the World Development Report?

  3. About the Indicators API Documentation

  4. Is all the WDI data based on calendar year or fiscal year reporting period?

  5. Do you have more recent data than I currently find on your website?

  6. How do I view all the data that I have selected in DataBank?

  7. What is the difference between trade indicators derived from the Balance of Payments and trade data from COMTRADE?

  8. How do I share my DataBank Table/ Chart/ Map on social media?

  9. Why is there no poverty data for every country every year?

  10. Do I need any special expertise or tools to analyze the data in the Microdata Library?

  11. What is the difference between sex and gender on the Gender Data Portal?

  12. The catalog provides access to dataset in a specific file format. I would like to get the data in another format. Can you help?

  13. How do I choose the type of Chart for visualizing my data in DataBank?

  14. I need a dataset which is not listed in your microdata catalog, but which has been used in World Bank publications. Can you help me obtain these data?

  15. What are the research outputs associated with a dataset in your Library? Do you have a bibliography of data-related citations?

  16. WDI Partners

  17. How often is the Quarterly External Debt Data Updated?

  18. What is the External Debt Reporting System (DRS)?

  19. Developer Information: Overview

  20. What is the estimation period for the Subnational Population Database?

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