API: Aggregates - Regions and Income Levels

In a few places where you use a country ISO code it is possible to use non-standard codes which represent regions and income levels. For example, if you look at the way the indicator queries work for querying data for a particular country, you see you can do the following:


where "br" is the ISO2 code for Brazil, and NY.GDP.MKTP.CD is the indicator id for
GDP (current US$). You can substitute "br" with the following:

Region codes

  • WLD - All countries
  • EAP - (developing only)
  • EAS - (all income levels)
  • ECA - (developing only)
  • ECS - (all income levels)
  • LAC - (developing only)
  • LCN - (all income levels)
  • MNA - (developing only)
  • MEA - (all income levels)
  • NAC
  • SAS
  • SSA - (developing only)
  • SSF - (all income levels)

Income level codes

  • NOC
  • OEC
  • HIC
  • HPC
  • LIC
  • LMC
  • LMY
  • MIC
  • UMC

For example, to query the GDP (current US$) for all Lower Middle Income (LMC) countries you can use:


Or to query the GDP (current US$) for all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) you can use:


Code definitions

2Low incomeLIC
3Middle incomeMIC
4  Lower middle incomeLMC
5  Upper middle incomeUMC
6Low & middle incomeLMY
7  East Asia & Pacific (developing only)EAP
8  Europe & Central Asia (developing only)ECA
9  Latin America & Caribbean (developing only)LAC
10  Middle East & North Africa (developing only)MNA
11  South AsiaSAS
12  Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)SSA
13High incomeHIC
14  Euro areaEMU
15  High income: OECDOEC
16  High income: nonOECDNOC
18Arab WorldARB
19Central Europe and the BalticsCEB
20East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)EAS
21Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)ECS
22European UnionEUU
23Fragile and conflict affected situationsFCS
24Heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC)HPC
25IBRD onlyIBD
26IDA & IBRD totalIBT
28IDA blendIDB
29IDA onlyIDX
27IDA totalIDA
30Latin America & Caribbean (all income levels)LCN
31Least developed countries: UN classificationLDC
32Middle East & North Africa (all income levels)MEA
33North AmericaNAC
34OECD membersOED
35Small statesSST
36  Caribbean small statesCSS
37  Pacific island small statesPSS
38  Other small statesOSS
39Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)SSF

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