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Topic API Queries

Topics are high level categories to which all indicators are mapped. Agriculture & Rural Development, Education, and Trade are examples of topics.

Sample Topic API Requests

To list all topics:

To list specific topics, separating multiple codes with semicolons (;):;11

To list all indicators under a specified topic: or:

Sample Response Format: Topic Query


<wb:topics xmlns:wb=""  page="1"  pages="1"  per_page="50"  total="21" >
  <wb:topic id="1" >
    <wb:value>Agriculture &amp; Rural Development</wb:value>
    <wb:sourceNote>For the 70 percent of the world's poor...</wb:sourceNote>
  <wb:topic id="2" >
    <wb:value>Aid Effectiveness</wb:value>


       "value":"Agriculture & Rural Development",
       "sourceNote":"For the 70 percent of the world's poor..."

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