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What are your principles governing statistical data?

The World Bank provides high-quality data and data services by:

  • establishing and maintaining the highest professional data standards
  • supporting the improvement of national statistical systems
  • actively participating in the international statistical community, and
  • developing and maintaining the tools to use data effectively

Our principles

Our principles describe what is expected from us and what we can expect from others in achieving our objectives:

  • Quality: We ensure that our work and our products are of the highest quality by using standards, methodologies, sources, definitions and classifications that are internationally accepted.
  • Innovation: We continuously look for ways to improve our practices, products and services. We develop new standards, methods and tools.
  • Professional integrity: We develop and use objective and transparent methods to deliver reliable and trustworthy statistics and other products, based on professional principles and best practices.
  • Partnership: We actively participate in the larger international community and coordinate with our partners to improve data quality and avoid duplication of work.
  • Country ownership: We are sensitive to country needs and priorities and support the efforts of member countries to improve their statistical systems.
  • Client focus: We work closely with clients and involve them in defining and delivering our outputs. We respond quickly and openly to all enquiries.
  • Results: We manage ourselves to achieve results.
  • Fiscal responsibility: We use resources effectively and efficiently. We assess the cost implications of our decisions.
  • Openness: We welcome comment on our work, and we document and share our methods. We are accessible to our clients and partners. We share our knowledge and experience.
  • Good management: We manage our responsibilities by making informed work decisions and are accountable for them. We place a high priority on innovation and learning, and foster long-term career development.

These principles apply to all of us, regardless of terms of employment, grade, line of business, or field of expertise. These principles are consistent with the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and the Principles Governing International Statistical Activities of the United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD).

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