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How to use the API

The pages listed on the right hand side of this page describe the different types of requests you can make against the API. Besides making calls to the API using an application or custom program, you can also put the "Example calls" URLs listed in the documentation or your own custom calls into a web browser and view the results. If you choose to receive the result in JSON format you can use the JSON View Firefox plugin for easily viewing JSON results directly in Firefox.

There are also third party applications and libraries that can make using the API easier depending on your objectives. See Application Showcase for more details.

About this documentation

The majority of the documentation in this section, the contents of which you can see to the right side of the page, explains the different types of call that can be made and what they're for, how to structure a specific call, what the response looks like, and some examples. More general rules about query call structures can be found here.

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