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Why are Excel files not available as a download option?

Data across the Gender Data Portal are available for download as CSV files. Given the large size of many of the Portal’s data files, CSVs allow for faster download and smaller file sizes when compared to Excel files. CSVs allow users to open the file in their preferred platform, including both text editors and spreadsheet programs.

Newer versions of Microsoft Excel should open CSV files automatically as a Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Value File.

If you are using Microsoft Office 2016 or earlier, you can import a text file using the following steps:

1.     Open an Excel spreadsheet

2.     Click on the Data tab in the top banner. In the Get & Transform Data section, select From Text/CSV.

3.     Locate the Portal CSV file you want to import, double-click the tile, and then select Import.

4.     Select Load on the preview dialogue box.

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